Beyond Algorithms: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Copywriting

Technology is a wonderful thing. You benefit from it; we benefit from it – pretty much everyone in the developed world prospers from its existence. It helps us all to work smarter and achieve quicker, more precise results; we use it in so many ways that it would be almost impossible to enumerate them.

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are important technological aids. They provide a font of knowledge that is not easily accessible by the human mind. They’re a great convenience, a major crutch.

In marketing terms, algorithms are an example of AI at its most useful, offering a way to process data almost instantaneously, in a manner and at a speed that would flummox even the sharpest of human brains.

However AI cannot think. At least, not in the way that we humans can, and it’s certainly not capable of compassion, which is essential when interacting with fellow human beings.

Emotional intelligence 

As humans, we’re able to perceive, reason and understand; we’re self-aware – but can this be said of a machine? We have autonomy of thought which means we’re able to think before acting which, as we’ve already mentioned, AI simply cannot do. We have empathy, which allows us to comprehend and to see value in things, rather than simply process pure data. Last but not least, we have social skills, which vary from person to person but are nonetheless a quality that’s not possessed by a machine.

Emotional vs artifical intelligence

AI has its place; there’s no question about that – but it’s a tool, it’s not the be all and end all. Ultimately, good old-fashioned human cogitation and craftmanship produces the best, most effective results. And as experienced copywriters, we’re ideally positioned to deliver high-quality content that will consider your brand’s requirements while reflecting its aspirations.


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