PoleTee: Unleashing Badassery in a Sustainable Way

Welcome to the world of PoleTee, the premier destination for eco-friendly, pole-inspired clothing. Designed with an understanding of the world of pole dancing and the unique culture it fosters, PoleTee offers an exciting way for enthusiasts to flaunt their passion and skills. Whether you’re a pole dancer who loves the sultry fluidity of low flow in heels, or a pole fit fanatic chasing those perfect aerial combos, PoleTee offers a wardrobe that is an extension of your badassery.

At its heart, PoleTee is about celebrating your skills both inside and outside the studio. We recognize that for many, pole dancing isn’t just a hobby or fitness regimen; it’s a part of their identity. This understanding is reflected in our products, all of which are designed to make you feel connected to your pole passion, wherever you are.

But PoleTee isn’t only about looking good – we’re equally committed to doing good. Sustainability is central to our brand ethos, which is why all our clothing is made with organic cotton and manufactured on-demand in facilities powered by renewable energy. At PoleTee, we believe that your love for the chrome should never come at the cost of our planet.

Our collection offers something for everyone. We offer a variety of sizes, styles, and colours, and each product aims to reflect the dynamism and beauty of pole dancing. Show off your favourite tricks with our signature Stargazer or Butterfly designs. Or, if you love a pun as much as we do, get yourself a Chrome Sweet Chrome vest.

Browse through our women’s or men’s collections to find an item that resonates with you. Each piece is a tribute to the skill, grace, and power associated with pole dancing and a commitment to a more sustainable planet.

Join us in our mission to spread the love for pole dancing, to make a statement with sustainable fashion, and to celebrate the community’s badassery. Let’s make a difference, one pole-inspired clothing piece at a time. With PoleTee, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, literally, while also sporting clothing that respects the planet.

Find us on Instagram at @poleteeclothing or browse the collection at https://poletee.teemill.com/.

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